6 Thus saith the LORD, the King of Israel, and his Redeemer the LORD of hosts: I am the first, and I am the last, and beside Me there is no God.

19 God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: when He hath said, will He not do it? or when He hath spoken, will He not make it good?


44 And yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break My covenant with them; for I am the LORD their God.

45 But I will for their sakes remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom I brought forth out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the nations, that I might be their God: I am the LORD.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holydays - Chanukah 5769 E-Card

חג חנוכה שמח
Wishing You a Wonderful Hanukah

Virtually attend the weeklong Chanukah Candlelighting Ceremonies at the Kotel. Details at Chanukah Candlelighting at the Western Wall - LIVE! Video Streaming W/Sound Facebook Group

Rabbi Pinchas Winston of ThirtySix.org on Chanuka


Sevivon (Dreydle)

Shalom Sesame - Here is your life 1990 (Interview with a Jag of Oil)

DailyHalacha.com quick mp3 audio

1. The Hanukah Miracle; Customs Regarding Working and Festive Meals During Hanukah

2. Hanukah Candles - Arranging the Candles in a Straight Line; the Proper Place for Lighting

3. Reciting the Berachot Before Hanukah Candle Lighting; Customs for After Candle Lighting; Positioning the Candles

Excerpt from DailyHalacha.com's Email: (Audio with full halacha of the day at the above link -- Emails includes audio links )

After lighting the Hanukah candles, one should recite the hymn, "Hanerot Halalu," which contains thirty-six words, corresponding to the thirty-six candles lit over the course of the eight days. It is then customary to recite "Mizmor Shir Hanukat Ha'bayit" (Tehilim 30), and then to recite seven times the final verse of Tehilim 90 ("Vi'hi No'am") and Tehilim 91 ("Yosheb Be'seter Elyon").

Each night of Hanukah (starting from the second night), the newest candle is positioned to the left of the previous night's candle. Thus, on the first night one positions the candle on the extreme right, adding one candle to the left each subsequent night. When one lights the Hanukah, he lights from left to right, meaning, the newest candle first.

The Miracle on 42nd Street (from Aish's Jewlerious)

See also Chanukah 5768 E-Card

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Exodus - The Movie

Description at WeJew:
"EXODUS" (208 minutes in three parts - part One is 91 minutes long) - Otto Preminger's 1960 adaptation of Leon Uris's novel is a sprawling epic war film made by Alpha and Carlyle Productions and distributed by United Artists. It was produced and directed by Otto Preminger from a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo from the novel, Exodus, by Leon Uris. The Super Panavision 70 cinematography was by Sam Leavitt. The music, including the frequently covered title theme, was written by Ernest Gold. The film stars Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Lee J. Cobb, Sal Mineo, John Derek, Hugh Griffith, Gregory Ratoff, Felix Aylmer, David Opatoshu, Jill Haworth, Marius Goring, Victor Maddern and George Maharis. The movie was shot entirely on location in Cyprus and Israel. The film is based on the events that happened on the ship Exodus in 1947 and dealing with the founding of the state of Israel around 1948.

To activate video, please wait a little until it loads and then press the play button

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Videos: 1. The Seal of Truth 2. Gog U Magog

The Seal of Truth (English Subtitles

...An Israeli account of a near-death experience


1 hr 8 min 26 sec - 2008-05-21
Description: An amazing Near Death Experience with great detail concerning the Heavenly Court. This is perhaps one of the most vivid and explicit accounts of what the soul may go through when departing this world. A must see. ***Quotes from Torah available at the end of film***

This view comes from Torah/Jewish scriptures oral and written and Jewish perception.

Gog U Magog

48 min 22 sec - 2007-07-25
Description: An amazing spiritual experience prepared by internationally acclaimed kabalists and produced by http://www.torahohr.net/ The prophecies for modern global terrorism and the Middle East conflict are in G-d's torah, the bible. The forces of good and evil in the world are not coincidental but can be explained according to the esoteric teachings of Jewish mysticism (kabala). Arafat, who authored the books on air-hijacking and suicidal terrorism together with his cohorts i.e. Osama Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Nassarala, Saddam Hussein, the masters of iniquity, represent existential spiritual beings that are referenced to in most religions. Why are Israel and Jerusalem always their targets, whether directly or indirectly? It's obvious what unites the Muslim world of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and most of the Arab world. It's their obsessed hatred of Zionists and rabid preoccupation with the destruction of Israel. Will there be any ultimate solution? Will their nuclear aspirations have any relevance to the ultimate outcome? Finally, what is G-d's message that He is sending to us through those satanic organs? The books of the prophets, the Talmud and the tomes of Jewish spirituality predate the other traditions of Gog and Magog- Armageddon. This documentary of classic Judaica surpasses any chicken-soup which new-age meditation can offer to provide us with comfort and meaning in these times.

Other videos of interest from this google account user available at his "channel". See "More from user" tab at video.google where video is being viewed.

...There is a glitch with this interface. When google videos are inserted and text added in the same post, it disables the videos. For now, to view the videos, please click at the links under the video player or see downloaded videos in this blog residing in past postings.

Please Note: if the Oslo Accords process continues, a large and major part of Israel (Judea and Samaria) and maybe Jerusalem would be up to be given away.

I feel that Israel should be restored to its glory along with its land which includes the Gaza strip, the Oslo Accords should be annulled, a G-d fearing government worthy of the land that cares for the People of Israel and Torah should be put into place and last and not least, revoke the Nobel Peace Prize that was given to Arafat

See also previous posting in the main blog on Moshe Feiglin and what led to Radical Islam in Israel: http://torahjudaismandisrael.blogspot.com/2007/11/moshe-feiglins-biography-and-what-led.html

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Israel Switching to Electric Cars

Israel Embarks On Electric Car Project To Weaken Clout Of Oil Rich Enemies

Jan 24/08


Israel on Monday signed with French Renault Nissan car makers to provide electric cars which will operate on a recharge grid. The initiative is the brainchild of entrepeneur Shai Agassi who raised $200 million to get the project off the ground. Attending the ceremony were Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres and the chief officers of the Renault Nissan company.01/22/08

Project Better Place & Renault-Nissan to Electrify Israel


***Renault Nissan and Agassi speak about the electric cars***

Israeli car company A Better Place (Spokeperson for a Better Place)


Charging System for Electric Cars


Shai Agassi, and other leader on environmental protection and changing systems

New generation light weight batteries for electric vehicles


CNN reports: Electric car power


Here is something I came across on YouTube. I am not sure the validity of this.



This is an intiative from Oklahoma (Electromagnetism)

Description exerpts from YouTube:

FREE ENERGY MACHINE - electric vehicle with no batteries to run just a 12 volt battery to start and run the radio and fan blower


More infor at http://www.kbmorgan.com/marsmission/marsbull/bull326.htm, http://reedmagneticmotor.com/

See also article - Zenn swaps motors in latest electric cars - http://news.cnet.com/Zenn-swaps-motors-in-latest-electric-cars/2100-11389_3-6228749.html

Possible fuel of the future

Saltwater into fire 2 (John Kanzius)


Radio wave machine originally built to fight cancer may have different future applications.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yaakov Shwekey: Yerushalayim


Lyrics and Translation
Part I
Im eshka'chech Yerushalayim -- Tishkach Yemini
If I forget Jerusalem -- Let my right hand forget its skill
Tidbak-Leshoni, Lechiki -- Im Loh Ezkerechi
Let my tongue cleave to my palate -- if I do not remember you

(Repeat Part I)

Part II
[Im Loh Yaaleh - x2], et Yerushalayim -- [Al Rosh Simchati x2]
[If I do not bring forth - x2], Jerusalem -- [at the beginning of my joy x2]

(Repeat Part II)

{Restart Part I and move to Part II}

Lyrics are from Tehilim/Psalm 137 5-6 - http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt26d7.htm

Monday, June 30, 2008

Yosef Karduner: Moshiach Yavo

Originally seen at Rabbi Lazer Brody's Lazer Beams/Emunah Outreach site

Lyrics And Translation

Moshiach Yavoh, Moshiach Yavoh, Letaken et HaOlam, et HaOlam Kuloh
Messiah will come, His (who will be) anointed will come to fix the world, the whole world

Hashem Ivneh Beitoh, V'Hashem Ivneh Beitoh, Lehashrot Shahm Shechina, Shechina Kodshoh
Hashem will built His House, and Hashem will build His House, to allow to rest there Divine Presence, His Holy Divine Presence.
Lehashrot Sham - To cause to rest upon there

From the Heart of Jerusalem: The Temple Institute


What is the Criteria for Moshiach?
Messiah : The Criteria
(A response from Jews for Judaism here and more)

The Real Story of Christmas

The Real Story of Christmas (download) (low bandwidth)
The Real Story of Christmas (download) (high bandwidth)

Lecture was given a few years ago by Rabbi Kemelman who provides a full historical accounting
Garments and vessels made ready for the service in the Holy Temple
The Golden Menora: Moving Closer to its Destination


The Tzitz: The Golden Crown of the High Priest


Lay-Priests Garments
originally seen in the Temple Institute's Newsletter

More on the above garment at
*** Pictures and information on other completed vessels and garments such as the Kohen HaGadol's/The High Priest's
available at the Temple Institute's site: http://www.templeinstitute.org/vessels_gallery.htm and http://www.templeinstitute.org/beged/priestly_garments.htm. Subscription at YouTube on the weekly videos delivered by Rabbi Richman available at

See also http://torahjudaismandisrael2.blogspot.com/2008/07/yaakov-shwekey-yerushalayim.html

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Forgottten Refugees

The David Project - The forgotten Refugees

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Silent Exodus of Jewish Refugees

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pallywood - Media Deception Produced To Gain Support for Radical Islam

Pallywood I - According to Palestinian Sources - Part 1
(First Aired on CBS's 60 Minutes)


Pallywood I - According to Palestinian Sources - Part 2


Pallywood II - Al Durah - Part 1


Pallywood II - Al Durah - Part 2


Pallywood III - Icon of Hatred - Part 1


Pallywood III - Icon of Hatred - Part 2


HonestReporting: Al Dura - What Really Happened
(http://www.honestreporting.com/ - http://www.obsessionthemovie.com/)


Background on News in Feb '08 that led to Gaza News coverage:
Israel accused of inhumane treatment and completely cutting off electricity from Gaza meanwhile, skuds still rain on Israel

Gaza Without Electricity


Kassam Attacks on Sderot, Israel
(Israel under constant attack. Attack currently extended to Ashkelon)


UN's constant bashing of Israel:
(Various videos - Special interest-video documenting events preceeding the banned speech) http://youtube.com/profile_videos?user=HumanRightsUN

Support for Radical Islam may be coming from unsuspected people who are converts to Islam from all backgrounds and previous faiths

For more info on Pallywood: http://www.seconddraft.org/

Past postings that gives some background to past events: http://torahjudaismandisrael2.blogspot.com/2007/12/open-letter-to-prime-minister-of-canada.html

Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands:

Rabbi Kahane ZT"L/Of Blessed Memory and what he said is still relevant today

Comment: From their plans and actions, it shows that the Radical Islamists are the real occupiers and apartheids

THE SILENT EXODUS- Jews expelled from Arab countries


Children of Jihad


Jihad : The Children's Club


Terrorists Using Civilians as Human Shields


Videos and info below added on July 13/08


The Jewish Arab Refugees.The Jewish exodus from Arab lands refers to the 20th century expulsion or mass departure of Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Islamic countries.

The Nazi Roots of Today's Jihad: http://tellthechildrenthetruth.com/

(video first seen at the above link/site)

Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism


Monday, January 28, 2008

Rabbi Pinchas Winston - Working With Divine Providence

The Historical Ramifications of the Story of Yosef and His Brothers

This is a wonderful presentation on the Yosef HaTzadik/Joseph The Righteous and his brothers of the Book of Shemot/Exodus by Rabbi Pinchas Winston. For articles; audio and more videos, please visit Rabbi Pinchas Winston's site, http://thirtysix.org/. Also see bottom of post for links on how to purchase books and/or make contributions

For a bigger screen or if unable to see the video please view it at

This post was updated and the following was added on July 8/08


I would like to say that my perception of Torah that I learned over the years is that the whole of Torah, with its different texts and traditions, encompasses all interpretations and that the Laws/Halachah (lit. the way to go/the path) is the grounding element.

Also, I believe, Rabbi Pinchas Winston presents Torah well by coupling it with the Pshat/external aspect of Kabbalah. The other levels of Kabbalah; I believe, should not be touched by the unlearned, non-truly righteous non-G-d fearing persons for it all can be grossly misused. Meanwhile; adherance to the laws whether be it the 613 which includes the ten commandments for the Jew or the 7 Noahide Laws for the non-Jew (embedded in the 613 given at Mount Sinai), is important. It binds each of us to the HaBoreh, HaKadosh Baruch Hu/The Creator, The Holy One Blessed be He.

As for Tikkun/rectification, I believe we need to strive for the unification of all layers of the soul and that is by adhering to the laws in the physical and spiritual levels and trying to avoid idol worship which can also manifest as anger from the spiritual level.

The following is for those who are not familiar with the terms


Kayin - Cain
Hevel - Abel
Yemos HaMoshiach - Moshiach's days / time
Dor HaMidbar - Generation of the desert
Erev Rav - Mixed multitutes (Others who left Egypt with and joined Bnei Yisrael/Children of Israel)
Tikkun / Rectification

Sha'ar HaGilgulim - Gate of Reincarnation (Book by Rabbi Chaim Vital student of Rabbi Luria, the Ari Z"L)

ARI Z"L - Ashkenaz Rabbi Itzchak/Isaac Zichronoh L'Vrachah/of Blessed Memory

More on the Arizal: http://www.ou.org/about/judaism/rabbis/ari.htm / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Luria

Rabbi Chaim Vital - http://www.ou.org/about/judaism/rabbis/vital.htm

Levels of Torah interpretation
PaRDeS (used as an acronym) = Orchard (lit. meaning)

"PaRDeS"= 1. Pshat, 2. Remez, 3. Drush, 4. Sod
"Orchard" = 1. Literal, 2. Hint, 3. Search, 4. Secret

Pshat: Literal - Plain interpretation
Remez: Hint - Typological (common traits from one to the other) or allegorical interpretation
Drush: Search - Interpretations based on religious or social morals derived principles
Sod: Secret - Mystical interpretations
Levels/Layers of the soul

1. Nefesh = Soul - The basic "body/animal" (life source of the body) level of the soul - awareness of the physical body and the physical world

2. Ruach = Spirit - Revelation of G-dliness, manifesting in emotions coupled with intellect

3. Neshama = Breath - The manifestation of Divine energy in the world - of creation and the notion of coming into being from nothingness - intellectual understanding to commune with G-d (This is usually the level most attain)

4. Chiya: = Living - The level of Chiya/Chaya communes with G-d as He transcends the worlds, conciousness is of knowing what G-d is not (I believe Moshe Rabbeinu attained this level, if I am correct)

5. Yechida = Oneness - The true conciousness and attachment - cleaving and reflecting Hashem

Chiya and Yechida usually hovers over us instead.

Above information is derived from the internet. Please consult with your local Orthodox Rabbi for your personal questions and verification of information

Rabbi Pinchas Winston's Perceptions Newsletter: Parashas Balak

To subscribe: send email to perceptions2@mac.com and insert "Subscribe" in the Subject line

The following was copied and pasted from a PDF file. Formating is not exact


Parashas Balak

Balak, the son of Tzipor was the king of Moav at that time. He sent messengers to Bilaam, the son of Be’or [who resided in] Petor, by the river of the land of his people. He called for him, saying, “There is a people that left Egypt, which now cover the face of the earth opposite me. I plead with you to come and curse this people for me; they are too mighty for me. Maybe I can be victorious and drive them out of the land. I know that the one you bless is blessed, and the one you curse will be cursed.” (Bamidbar 4-6)

One could truly make a life study out of this week’s parsha. Between the lessons about life in this world, and the many prophecies about the End-of-Days, there is much to be mined from Parashas Balak.

There are themes and there are sub-themes. And, all of them are masterfully interwoven in a way that only God can do, allowing for the story to flow uninterrupted, even though some of it takes place over the course of hundreds of years, adding an additional message: the present is often the past repeating itself on a different plane.

For example, Bilaam was previously Lavan, Ya’akov Avinu’s father-in-law, the father of Rachel and Leah. This soul connection is actually hinted to in their names: BAIS-LAMED-Ayin-Mem and LAMED-BAIS-Nun, which, according to the Arizal, have a primordial origin:

The evil of Hevel’s Nefesh is represented by the letters Bais-Lamed, which is the sod of the verse, “Such judgments, they do not know — Bais-Lamed” (Tehillim 147:20). For, these two letters refer to the Klipos, and the Bais-Lamed of “Bilaam.” (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 29)

In other words, there was a part of Hevel that was good, and a part that was evil. The evil part, represented by the Bais-Lamed of “Hevel,” went to Lavan. Hence, his name incorporated these two letters, revealing the basis of his own evil, just as they did much later on in history, in the name “Bilaam.”

Eventually, Bilaam reincarnated into Navel — Nun-BAIS-LAMED — HaCarmelli, in Dovid HaMelech’s time, causing him no end of trouble as well.1

This makes the confrontation between Bilaam and the Jewish people even more fascinating. For, as the Arizal explains:

The good Nefesh of Hevel was given to Shais, who completely rectified it … After the Nefesh was completely rectified, it was then possible to rectify the Ruach … The Ruach reincarnated into Noach HaTzaddik …

Later, the Neshamah reincarnated into Moshe Rabbeinu, since it never contained an element of evil. Thus, it says regarding him, “She saw that he was good” (Shemos 2:2), unlike with respect to the Nefesh and Ruach which had evil mixed into them. (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 29)

Therefore, while the evil part of Hevel’s Nefesh tried to curse the Jewish people up in the hills beyond the eyeshot of the Jewish people, the Neshamah of Hevel, inside Moshe Rabbeinu, was in the camp below, leading the Jewish people towards Eretz Yisroel. What is the meaning of that?

It is also interesting to note that both Moshe Rabbeinu and Bilaam possessed the power speech: What induced Moav to consult with Midian? When they saw that the Jewish people were victorious in a supernatural way, they said, “The leader of this people grew up in Midian. We will ask them about main characteristic.” The told him, “His power lies in his mouth,” at which point they said, “Then we must come against him with one whose power lies in his mouth!” (Rashi, Bamidbar 22:4)


1 The Arizal goes a step further, saying that Lavan was b’sod the Original Snake (Sha’ar

HaGilgulim, Ch. 29).

For Moshe Rabbeinu, it was the power of prayer. For Bilaam, it was the ability to bless or curse. But, for both of them, their power of speech was rooted in Hevel, as the Arizal explains: Hevel is one who speaks, b’sod the “breath — hevel — of the mouth.”

Therefore, one who is from the root of Hevel will discourse and speak much … (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 36)

Hence, though one of the last people we might think of while reading this week’s parsha is Hevel, in truth, it is his soul that is very much the basis of what takes place in this week’s reading. On a Pshat-level, that may sound strange. However, on the level of Sod, it makes perfect sense:

As a result of the sin of Kayin and Hevel, the Neshamos became mixed together in the Klipos — spiritual impurity — and that this is called, “the mixture of good and evil.” From that time onward, the souls have been undergoing a process of “separation” from within the klipos, just as silver is smelted from waste … Once the separation of all the souls has been completed … the spiritual “refuse,” which is only removed through deeds, will collapse on its own … For, holiness is the life that results from separating from spiritual impurity, which is called “death.” Therefore, they will no longer have any life, and they will disappear like smoke, as it says, “Death will be absorbed forever” (Yeshayahu 25:8), once all of the souls are separated out. Thus, taking the first letter of each word (of the verse just stated), they spell the word “Hevel.” This is to allude to the fact that only when all of the reincarnations of Hevel are complete, which is Moshe Rabbeinu, who reincarnates in every generation to separate out the souls from amongst the spiritual waste, will Moshiach come, and death will be absorbed forever. (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 20)

Perhaps, this is why the Jewish people take a back seat in this week’s parsha, and Bilaam gets to sit up front. It’s not about the “Heh” of Hevel, it’s about the Bais-Lamed in Bilaam, and Balak for that matter, that is in serious need of rectification. It’s about recovering the Bais-Lamed from the Klipos — Bilaam — which this week’s parsha sets up. For, in Parashas Mattos,

Bilaam will get his due, at long last, when he is killed by Pinchas for his role in the crisis that occurs at the end of the parsha, with the women of Midian. However, the fact that Bilaam reincarnated into Navel HaCarmelli, who tried to curse Dovid HaMelech, shows that the work was not completed with the death of Bilaam. Indeed, perhaps it set up the final confrontation that will cause the Final Redemption, and Yemos HaMoshiach: In the future Moshe himself will reincarnate and return in the last generation, as it says, “you will die with your fathers and rise up.” However, in the final generation, the “Dor HaMidbar” will also reincarnate with the Erev Rav, and this is what the verse also says, “this people will rise up.” Hence, there is not a single generation in which Moshe Rabbeinu does not return b’sod, “The sun rises and the sun sets” (Koheles 1:5) and, “One generation goes and another comes” (Koheles 1:4), in order to rectify that generation. Thus, the Generation of the Desert along with the Erev Rav reincarnate in the final generation, “like in the days of leaving Egypt” (Michah 7:15). (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 20)

Maybe, this is why the mizbayach — the altar — in the Bais HaMikdosh was 32 amos by 32 amos, the numerical value of Bais-Lamed. It was a way of counteracting the Bais-Lamed of Hevel, which incidentally, is the reverse spelling of Lamed-Bais, which spells “heart.” This would imply that Bais-Lamed represents a “backwards” heart. The tikun of Jewish history may not be to eliminate the Bais-Lamed, but to reverse it, as the prophets says:

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. (Yechezkel 36:26)

It had been Bilaam’s goal to do just the opposite. It must be our goal to help the prophecy come true.

© 5768/2008 by Thirtysix.org and Rabbi Pinchas Winston. This parsha sheet can be shared at will, but only within the guidelines of Torah law and philosophy. Everything else is considered to be a copyright infringement. Any questions in need of clarification should be addressed to perceptions2@mac.com.

Thirtysix.org is a non-profit organization, providing Torah writings at no charge. Any contributions to the organization are very much appreciated and crucial to the maintenance of the site. They are also tax-deductible in the United States, and inquiries regarding dedication of a PERCEPTIONS parsha sheet can be directed to perceptions2@mac.com.

Books can be purchased online at the Thirtysix.org bookstore, where contributions to the site can also be made.

(For contributions see bottom of the the page at the site)

Added July 22/08

The Seal of Truth - An Israeli account of a near-death experience


The above video gives food for thought. Please watch it until the very end where quotes of the Torah on the subject is displayed


Description of the video at Video.Google: An amazing Near Death Experience with great detail concerning the Heavenly Court. This is perhaps one of the most vivid and explicit accounts of what the soul may go through when departing this world. A must see

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tu B'Shevat, Ba'al Tashchit and Ecology - Lowering The Hydro Bill

The values of bal tashchit (not to waste) is an important issue. The speaker at this years' Tu B'Shevat Seder that I attended made us aware of global changes and pointed out important issues. He showed us how to help save energy and cut down on polution made by the production of electricity.

He suggested that we individually do our part and had a simple solution on cutting down energy consumption. He mentioned that he has achieved major cut in his hydro bill as a wonderful side affect and taught others locally and in Israel as well resulting for the people in Israel to save 80% on their bill. The simple tool used....power bars.

Picture of a power bar ---- http://www.ted-kyte.com/3D/Pictures/Power%20Bar.jpg

He demostrated that electrical appliances plugged when not in usage consume quite a bit of energy. ie. modems, microwave, oven clocks, TV, computers. He mentioned that if one is religious about turning off these appliances with a power bar, there will be major cut down on bills.

TV that uses remote, is in effect using energy since it waits for someone to turn it on with it. Lights left on and cell rechargers that are plugged to the walls (notice that they are hot even when not in use) consumes energy that is wasted. In essence, installing the power bars and conciously turning it off when not using the appliance will unconciously effect the world.

Shai Agasi's new Electric Car


I am disapointed that the solar energy was not introduced in these cars combining it with electricity as Israel has the technology.


Israel Embarks On Electric Car Project To Weaken Clout Of Oil Rich Enemies


Israel on Monday signed with French Renault Nissan car makers to provide electric cars which will operate on a recharge grid. The initiative is the brainchild of entrepeneur Shai Agassi who raised $200 million to get the project off the ground. Attending the ceremony were Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres and the chief officers of the Renault Nissan company.01/22/08

EarthHour - Your chance to take a stand


Video Description: In 27.3.2008 every major city in the world will take a stand and switch off lights. This is your chance to take a stand and help the world. And remmber that every drop in the ocean is important,So every body have to be a part of it.

(Article added Feb 1/09)

Added May 3 '09
ALT CAR EXPO Presented by The Auto Channel - PHOENIX MOTOR CARS
(Quick charge hwy ready electric car)


Video Below was added on May 13 '09

Added May 18 '09

Added June 14 '09

Plug and play solar panels for the masses!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mystery Of Tekhelet - The Biblical Blue Dye

News Interview on Tekhelet with Mois Navon

Description on YouTube of the videos below:

The Mystery of Tekhelet is a fascinating documentary that takes the viewer on a journey through history in search of the ancient blue dye, Tekhelet. The movie, richly filmed, travels through 3000 years of Jewish history. Come see scuba divers collecting the snails of Tekhelet off the coast of Israel. Observe Bedouin shepherds shearing sheep. Participate in sophisticated chemical analysis of the dyes as well as the actual dyeing of Tekhelet in a 2500 year old Tekhelet factory. The Biblical commandment of Tzitzit and Tekhelet becomes meaningful in a profound way in P'til Tekhelet's The Mystery of Tekhelet.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

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